ANKOM Technology is seeking input on the development of a professional conference supporting research, development and practical application in 
human and animal nutrition.  We are targeting mid to late 2019 (August/September) in a central location in the USA.  We have already garnered interest
and support from potential speakers from manufacturers, research scientists, laboratory professionals and universities.  We are also seeking potential 
participants from regulatory agencies such as FDA and USDA.

The current plan is to begin the conference with a opening mixer (6:00 p.m.) followed by a day and a half of keynote presentations and breakout groups
covering related topics in human and animal nutrition.  Two tracks (human and animal) will be offered and participants can choose topics and tracks that
best support their needs.  Meals and breaks will be provided during the conference.

We want your input and ideas.  What topics would interest you?  What timing is best? Please take a moment to take this survey to help us produce
a conference of value.
Three days: Day #1 start 6:00 p. with a networking mixer, Day #2 - 9:00 a. - 4:00 p., Day #3 - 9:00 a. - 11:45 a.
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