ANKOM - Automation Made Simple.

Since 1986 ANKOM Technology has been Helping to Feed the World with Innovative Analytical Instruments. An American company,  ANKOM Technology Corporation has a reputation for quality and innovation. Constantly seeking to develop better methods for time consuming analytical methods ANKOM Technology focuses on customer needs. We offer instruments, chemicals and other ancillary products to support fiber studies, crude and total fat extractions, in vitro and in situ research and more. We work hard to minimize costs and maximize quality.  There are laboratories in over 120 countries that rely on ANKOM products to reduce costs and increase accuracy and precision.  Please consider registering on our site so we can assure you are up-to-date on any special programs or discounts.
  • ANKOM Technology developed Filter Bag Technology (FBT) to provide a state of the art, low cost, high volume alternative system for determining conventional fiber analysis.
  • Unlike most conventional methods, FBT allows for batch extraction and precise control.
  • ANKOM has advanced products for fat analysis that can rapidly perform extractions using solvents such as, Petroleum Ether, Hexane, or Ethyl Ether to mention a few.
  • ANKOM has developed the only fully automated instrument for Dietary Fiber available on the market today.


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Automated Fat Soluble Vitamin Extraction?

ANKOM Technology is at it again.  Always looking for ways to simplify and automate labor intensive methods we have turned our sights on fat soluble vitamin extraction for measuring vitamins A, E, and D.  Be a part of our process.  Take just a few minutes to answer some questions about your experiences.  Help us deliver the best tool for your needs.  Click this link to provide your input and to get on the update list.

Human and Animal Nutrition Conference 2019?

ANKOM Technology is seeking input on the development of a professional conference supporting research, development and practical application in human and animal nutrition. We are targeting mid to late 2019 (August/September) in a central location in the USA. We have already garnered interest and support from potential speakers from manufacturers, research scientists, laboratory professionals and universities. Click here to learn more and provide your input.