A New Team at Laboratories Humeau - FRANCE

ANKOM Technology has been working with Laboratories Humeau in France for over twenty years. Some great 
people have represented our products over years and that continues as promotions take place and territories 
grow.  During February 2018 Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Chris Kelley, spent time meeting new 
team players and getting reacquainted with the long time staff at Humeau's headquarters in Nantes, France.  

Dakila Serves the Philippines

Manila, Philippines - Over the years ANKOM Technology has worked with Dakila as the exclusive distribution partner in the region.  This year Chris Kelley, Vice President and General Manager of Marketing and Sales at ANKOM visited the team there to provide training and meet with customers. 

Dakila has a dedicated staff that has proven a reliable partner.  Chris said, "I was very impressed with the energy and dedication of the team at Dakila,"  "The technical staff not only particiapted in the  training, but they stayed after and dug into the real technical working of each system," Kelley added.  That is the kind of distributor ANKOM looks for!

What is unique about Dakila is that their operation includes a lab complex that performs a broad range of commercial analysis.  That allows them to not not provide information on new technology, buit also provide practical feedback from their own experience.  "When we find distributor who can speak at the same level as the scientists they support and provide analytical troubleshooting support, we know we have a winner," Kelley said.   Dakila demonstrates the highest level of customer support and shares ANKOM Technology's values and passion.

The Owner and Director of the Dakila, Richard Tee,  has the perfect background, not only for understanding the analytical marketplace, but also experience managing an excellent team.




Distibution in Vietnam Excels!


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - With distributors around the world, ANKOM Technology has been blessed by partners eager to reflect ANKOM's philosophy of dedicated service and expertise.  In Vietnam that pattern continues with the addition of of Lam Viet Scientific as the exclusive distribution partner in the region.

Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Lam Viet Scientific has a dedicated staff that is ready to provide sales and technical service support for all ANKOM products.  "I was very impressed with the level of dedication and knowledge of the staff at Lam Viet," said Chris Kelley the Vice President and General Manager of Marketing and Sales at ANKOM.  "The technical staff understands the technical designs and are able to provide the level of support we expect," Kelley added.

Lam Viet Scientific has worked with ANKOM Technology for several years, proving that they had the drive and expertise to support and advance the ANKOM product line.  It was that demonstration of talent and ability the lead ANKOM to establish Lam Viet as their exclusive representative in Vietnam.  "Lot's of companies maintain several distributors in Vietnam and we did too for a while," Kelley said.  "But there comes a time when you have to look at what a single source can bring to the customer.  Lam Viet Scientific demonstrated the highest level of customer support and quite frankly, the most customer friendly pricing policy I have seen," Kelley continued.

With experience across multiple industries, an ideal location for quick connections to customers throughout Vietnam and a management team that focuses on customer satisfaction, Lam Viet Scientific is an ideal partner for both ANKOM Technology and the end-user.  The Owner and Director of the company, Lam Trung Hieu,  has ten years of practical experience in the analytical instrument industry and a degree in Chemical Engineering.  That experience and background will serve customers in Vietnam very well.



RF Adds Temperature Monitor

Macedon, NY - February 2011 - As part of ANKOM Technology's commitment to continuous improvement the RF Gas Production Measurement System has been modified to include temperature monitoring and real-time graphing.  These improvements allow researchers to monitor the impact of temperature changes in any experiment.  By adding a temperature sensor into the RF1 module and upgrading the system software, temperature control can be monitored and tracked.  Real-time graphing gives immediate feedback to the user so that action can be taken as needed to correct for temperature fluctuations.  Likewise, a user can experiment with different ambient conditions to measure the effects of temperature changes on kinetics.

But the modification could go even further states Strategic Marketing Director Greg Coutant.  "The system allows the user the option of extending the temperature sensor outside of the module, which opens the door for applications in a number of fields," Coutant added.  Software Engineer Mike Sharpe said, "I even took a system to my home to monitor temperature changes in various rooms in my house over time."

According to Chris Kelley, Vice President of Marketing, "our focus continues to be related to research in areas such as ruminant nutrition, yeast activity, biogas production and biodegradability, however we always want to keep our eyes opened for additional applications that provide value."   "Versatility is a wonderful attribute of the RF System," Kelley said.  "We look forward to seeing how our customers will use this incredible tool."

Contact ANKOM Technology at RFSystem@ankom.com for more details.



 RevisedRFS-Web.jpgBiogas Measurements Simplified

Guadalajara, Mexico – November 2010 - Scientists and researchers from around the world came to Americana Fiesta Hotel in Guadalajara to explore the advances, frontiers and applications of anaerobic digestion.   ANKOM Technology, involved in anaerobic digestion in ruminants since the late eighties, participated to learn more about applications in the ever expanding research in biogas and waste treatment.

The opportunity to share knowledge and gain a greater understanding of the developments in biogas research was fantastic.  “We came to the AD Conference understanding that our technology for measuring gas produced in ruminants had application in biogas research,” said Chris Kelley, a Vice President at ANKOM Technology.  “What we did not know was that the biogas industry already knew about our work.  Scientists were already using our technology and the interest was even stronger,” Kelley added.

The ANKOMRF Gas Production Measurement System allows researchers to measure gas produced over time automatically.  By providing visibility of the kinetics of biogas production and the ability to compare gas production levels of different substrates and treatments the researcher is able to gain important details.  “Automation of the measurements is another very important factor especially when compared to the use of eudiometers,” said a PhD candidate from Germany who uses the ANKOM system.

As a result of the input we have received, testing in now in place to add some additional features that will benefit anaerobic digestion research.  Expect the addition of monitoring temperature in real-time along with real-time graphing of gas production.  Contact us if you would like additional information.



ANKOM Automated TDF

Macedon, NY - July 2010 - Automated TDF will soon be a reality.  We have been developing/designing an automated instrument for TDF for about four years.  The design automates AOAC 991.43, but will have some flexibility for method modifications.

Here is how the system is designed to work.  The instrument will allow the user to analyze the IDF and SDF individually by using two Dual Chamber Filter Bags.  The user will insert the filter bags into the instrument; one for the IDF and one for the SDF fraction.  Next the user adds sample to the IDF chamber and then follows prompts on the control screen.

NOTE:  We also plan to have a feature that will allow the user to bypass capturing the IDF fraction and just process TDF.  In other words the users can determine IDF and SDF and then calculate TDF OR capture both IDF and SDF in a single filtration after precipitation with ethanol.

Once the process is complete the user will still have to perform the Kjeldahl and ash steps separately, but nothing unusual is added to that process.  In all, one technician would expend about 60 minutes of hands-on work to process at least 18 samples in the instrument.  The system will also capture the end process filtrate (after SDF) should the user desire to do further studies.

The footprint of the instrument is approximately 42” x 15”.  It is designed to pivot off the center exposing the back compartment for easy service.  You will not need extra water baths or filtration manifolds as the instrument handles all of that. You will add buffer solutions, enzymes, HCl and ethanol to built-in containers that are controlled/distributed volumetrically as per the method.

Watch our website (www.ankom.com) as more details develop.



rfgasmodule_Mini.jpgANKOM RF Gas Production Advanced Design

Macedon, NY – February 2010 - Measurement of gas produced from microbiological activity has proven to be very useful across multiple industries. In the Food industry, measurement of CO2 gas production is used to evaluate yeast activity. In the Animal Feed industry, measurement of gas production is used to evaluate the nutritional value of specific feeds relative to the time in the rumen. In the emerging Biomass industry, measurement of the gas produced from anaerobic digestion can be used to evaluate the waste-to-energy process. Even the wine production industry is testing the RF System for applications.

To meet the growing demands of these industries and others, ANKOM Technology has updated the design of the ANKOMRF Gas Production System. The wireless capability has been strengthened to provide for robust communication between the computer and each module, even in some difficult environments. A color coding scheme has been added to the Gas Pressure Monitor (GPM) software version 9.3 to make data analysis quick and easy. A new 10 Station Battery Charger has been added to the RFS Base Kit to make it simple and efficient to charge the re-chargeable batteries that come standard with the system.

As gas production measurement needs continue to grow, ANKOM Technology remains committed to providing helpful products that save people time and money.