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Vietnamese Partnership Continues to Grow

Lam Viet Scientific warmly welcomed ANKOM Technology as they visited Vietnam. While traveling, ANKOM was able to support current customers and present to new potential contacts. Lam Viet Scientific continued to show their dedication and competence of ANKOM Technology's products, prompting expectations of a further growth.

New Team at Laboratories Humeau - France

ANKOM Technology is excited to continue working with Laboratories Humeau and to build relationships with the new team members. As ANKOM's innovative product line expands into new markets, having competant and dedicated representation is key.

Dakila Serves the Philippines

Dakila demostrates the highest level of customer support and has proven to be a reliable partner to ANKOM Technology. Dakila shares the same values and passion as ANKOM, making sure that they are experts not only for technical support but also for analytical troubleshooting. 

Distribution in Vietnam Excels!

Vietnam has become a robust market for ANKOM Technology. Much of the growth can be credited to Lam Viet Scientific, who has proven to have the drive and expertise to support ANKOM's products. Lam Viet Scientific reliability and knowledge continues to maintain and create new customers, opening the door for further progress in Vietnam.  

RF Adds Temperature Monitor

The versitality of the RF Gas Production Measurement System continues to grow. ANKOM Technology is constantly researching ways to apply this technology in new fields of study. With the addition of temperature monitoring and real-time graphing, the RF is a dynamic tool for customers.  

Biogas Measurements Simplified

ANKOM Technology has expanded into biogas research with the RF Gas Production Measurement System. This system allows researchers to measure gas produced over time automatically, giving them a powerful tool to gain important details to study.

ANKOM Automated TDF

Automated TDF will soon be a reality.  We have been developing/designing an automated instrument for TDF for about four years.  The design automates AOAC 991.43, but will have some flexibility for method modifications.

ANKOMRF Gas Production System Advanced Design

ANKOM Technology has updated the design of the ANKOMRF Gas Production System. The wireless capability has been strengthened to provide for robust communication between the computer and each module, even in some difficult environments.