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About Us


To provide effective, efficient, and innovative solutions to nutritional analysis of food and feed. Bringing the power of engineering and chemistry together through simplicity of design and automation. 


Helping to Feed the World  


Quality  A degree of excellence. We only put forth products we are proud of, and you can rely on.

Innovation  Always be better. We don’t settle for how it's always been done. We are innovators always looking to improve.

Integrity  Do the right thing when no one is looking. We hold ourselves to a higher standard without compromise.

Life  Life fueled by faith in Jesus Christ governs ANKOM’s efforts. From the workplace to home, we value a life balanced and fulfilled as God intended.  


ANKOM Technology began in 1986 by a college graduate with the American dream in his sights, providing engineering and manufacturing services to a diverse group of industries. Throughout the various projects, a singular direction began to emerge as ANKOM R&D began to focus on various projects in animal nutrition.  

In 1992, ANKOM’s founder, Andrew Komarek, developed and patented Filter Bag Technology (FBT) to simplify and improve fiber analysis of animal feeds. In 1995, ANKOM Technology was officially incorporated and turned 100% of its focus toward improving analytical methods in animal and human nutrition. Today, ANKOM Technology has numerous products to automate and simplify labor-intensive analytical procedures in foods (dietary fiber, vitamins, cholesterol, fats, fermentation) and feeds (fiber, fats, ruminant studies). Built on a foundation of faith, ANKOM grew from a small, one-man operation to a well-known company, serving customers around the world.

ANKOM has a facility in upstate New York, where design and manufacturing take place. With a diverse workforce, we employ the best manufacturing practices from around the world, focus on producing only the highest quality products and support those products with superior customer service. ANKOM’s faith foundation in Jesus Christ and the Gospel is its guiding principle that influences our commitment to excellence and to our customers.  

ANKOM brings the power of engineering and wet chemistry together through the simplicity of design and automation; providing scientists with the tools to ensure that proper nutrition is served to the consumer.