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Gas Fermentation Measurement

Analysis of Gas Production

Gas production is a convenient measurement of microbial anaerobic metabolic activity (fermentation). Anerobic activity is ubiquitous. It occurs in the rumen of cows,  the hind gut of all animals, soil, swamp mud, the fermentation of beer and spirits, dough rising, and in the preservation of many foods and feeds. Gas production measured over time gives an assay of the kinetics of the metabolic process, an understanding of the vitality of the organism, and the availability of the substrate.


Gas fermentation measurement is utilized by a variety of industries, including but not limited to:  

Ruminant Nutrition

In vitro gas production of feeds and forages provides valuable knowledge of the value of these products for ruminant nutrition. The rate of reaction, the kinetics gives valuable insight into the digestibility of the sample as it relates to the resident time in the GI tract.

Monogastric Nutrition

Monogastric animals, including farm animals such as pigs and chickens, and humans, have significant anaerobic microbial fermentations occurring in the hind gut (colon). Microbial fermentations are a normal part of the digestive process in the colon and contribute to the function and health of the colon.

Yeast Evaluation

Fermented products such as beer, wine, and other spirits rely on yeast to perform the fermentations. Evaluating the activity and vitality of the very special yeasts used in the process is very important to these industries.

Yeasts are microbes used in the baking industry for bread making. The gas production produced by their metabolism is critical to proper dough rising and the success of the process. Evaluating the vitality and activity of the yeast stains is important to the industry.

Harvesting Biomass Energy  

Energy in biomass such animal waste, organic waste, and other crops can be harvested for energy by fermentation. Under fermentation conditions, the methane gas produced can be captured and used as an energy source. Measuring the gas that is produced can give valuable data indicating the suitability of the material for this process.


The microbial activity in the processing of wastewater and sewage is central to the function of the process. Gas production plays a role in evaluating how well the process Is performing.

Soil Quality

Fertile soil is a complex microbial ecostructure and its activity can be evaluated by measuring the fermentation activity. The rich soil is filled with organic matter and microorganisms. The activity in the soil can be used to assess soil fertility.