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ANKOM TDF Dietary Fiber Analyzer

Part #

Automated Dietary Fiber Analysis
Automates AOAC 985.29, 991.43, and 2001.03 (AACC 32.07.01), and NMKL 129, 2003, AOAC 2009.01, 2011.25, 2017.16 and 2022.01 

The ANKOM TDF Dietary Fiber Analyzer creates a new standard used for nutritional labeling, analysis, quality control, and research.

By automating one of the most tedious analytical methods, the ANKOM Dietary Fiber Analyzer reduces labor and per-sample costs while increasing accuracy and precision.  

ANKOM’s patented Filter Bag Technology increases filtering surface area which reduces the time needed to filter samples and eliminates the use of vacuum flasks and crucibles.

A computer-controlled multichannel pump automates the addition of chemical solutions, enzymes, and rinses. Temperatures and agitation levels are controlled throughout the process, eliminating the need for multiple water baths and freeing up precious lab space. 

  • Reduces technician labor by >50%
  • Faster, technician-free filtering eliminates transfer error
  • Three Runs - 9 samples in duplicate/day/shift  
  • Eliminates clogged filters
  • Reduced cost per assay
  • Eliminates water baths and filtration flasks
  • Step by step, easy to use computer interface 
Filter Bag Technology
  • Eliminates error  
  • Dual-chamber filter bag eliminates transfer steps
  • Increased surface area enables faster filtration 

Technical Specifications

Instrument Dimensions

132 cm (52 in) L x 77 cm (30 in) W x 92 cm (36 in) H


65 kg (142 lbs)

Power Requirements

100−120 V ~ 50/60Hz 15A 
220−240 V ~ 50/60Hz 8A

Nitrogen Requirements

N2 Supply
Pressure: 5.5-6.9 bar (80-100 psi)
Purity: Industrial Grade (Grade 4.8)- 99.998% purity or higher 

Fitting/adapter required to connect N2 supply to ¼” (6.35 mm)
Polyurethane tubing (10 ft (3 m) length supplied by ANKOM)    

Ambient Temperature Range

19-30 °C (66-86 °F)


20–60 % RH


Drain or waste container to capture waste fluids, waste fluids are drained from the instrument using gravity 

Consumable Type

IDF Filter Bags (Part #: DF-I)
SDF Filter Bags (Part #: DF-S)
Flow Thru Filter Bags (Part #: DF-FT)