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ANKOM DELTA Fiber Analyzer

Part #

Automated Crude & Detergent Fiber Analysis

The ANKOM DELTA Fiber Analyzer automates fiber determinations at the highest level. 

Capable of Acid Detergent, Neutral Detergent, and Crude Fiber analysis (AOCS Ba 6a-05), the ANKOM DELTA includes an internal pumping system that allows the user to place any chemical container within range of the instrument for automated delivery; no more lifting heavy chemical containers. 

Technician-free control of ADF, NDF, and Crude Fiber methodology guarantees proper delivery of all required solutions and rinses, assuring method compliance. Switch between methods and monitor operation seamlessly with a simple computer interface.  

  • Internal pump automates chemical delivery, improving safety and labor time while reducing chemical handling
  • The instrument automatically flushes and clears lines to allow for seamless transition between methods
  • Batch process up to 24 samples at one time enabled by Filter Bag Technology
  • Closed system, no technician monitoring needed
  • Automatic filtration eliminates error
  • Accurate and precise results, every time
  • Optional bulk chemical delivery system further reduces costs and technician labor for chemical mixing 

Technical Specifications

Sample Size

0.5-1.0 g

Fiber Range

0-100 %

Samples per Day

Acid Detergent Fiber: 144
Neutral Detergent Fiber: 120 
Crude Fiber: 96 

Instrument Dimensions

56.6 cm (22.3 in) L x 58.4 cm (23 in) W  x 38.1 cm (15 in) H 


48 kg (105.82 lbs)

Power Requirements

110-120 V~ 50/60Hz 15A 
220-240 V~ 50/60Hz 10A

Water Supply

Water supply capable of heating water to 50 °C for Crude Fiber and 70 °C for ADF or NDF analysis 

Ambient Temperature Range

15-30 °C (59-86 °F)

Operating Temperature

100 °C (212 °F)


20-60 % RH


Instrument drain hose carries waste fluids to lab drain. Dispose according to lab SOP.

Consumable Type

Fiber Filter Bags (Part #: F57 and F58)