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EPL Bio Analytical Services | Niantic, IL

Helping meet customer demands to significantly increase output volume without sacrificing accuracy

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Since 1987, EPL has offered analytical services in the realms of agricultural and nutritional chemistry while also expanding into molecular biology. In 2018, they joined the Tentamus Group, becoming a global player in their field. Industries they serve include crop protection, pet foods, and feed analysis.

EPL mainly analyzes maize, soy, canola, and cotton matrices, and offers customized analytical studies for an array of clients. The lab initially performed manual methods and outsourced Total Dietary Fiber analyses, requiring much technician involvement and limiting production rates. This gave EPL a maximum output of 22 samples per day.

In 2002, EPL purchased its first ANKOM instrument, the ANKOM 200 Fiber Analyzer, and soon added XT15 Fat Extractors and TDF Dietary Fiber Analyzers to their fleet. More recently, the lab upgraded its A200s to DELTA Fiber Analyzers through ANKOM’s Trade In / Trade Up Program.  

Upgrading to automated analyzers resulted in improved precision and productivity for the Illinois lab. By adding the ANKOM TDF Dietary Fiber Analyzers, XT15 Extractors, ANKOM 200 and ANKOM 2000 Fiber Analyzers, EPL has increased sample volume by as much as 900%; analyzing up to 90 samples per day for detergent and dietary fiber and extracting up to 220 samples for fat analysis.  

On top of the increased volume, the addition of the automated dietary fiber analyzers in 2012 reduced a three day manual process to a two day process with limited technician intervention. The ANKOM XT15 Fat Extractors have reduced solvent usage by about 97%.

“ANKOM instruments helped increase analytical performance. We have been able to save time and resources while increasing our efficiency and accuracy,”

--EPL Analyst Cynthea Scheibly

ANKOM’s commitment to superior service has also helped EPL maintain momentum. Scheibly added, “ANKOM customer support has always been very proactive in providing additional information and troubleshooting.”