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Kuwait TDF

Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research | Kuwait City

Easy to Operate System for Accurate and Precise Results, and Reduced Technician Labor

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"The ANKOM Automatic TDF System is a wonderful instrument and has made our Dietary Fiber analysis far more efficient and much easier."  

-Ayoub Taher, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research  

KISR conducts scientific research and performs technological consultations, often in partnership with other regional and international institutions, for governmental and industrial clients in Kuwait, the Gulf region, and the rest of the world. With such a broad customer base, KISR is regularly challenged with enormous laboratory workloads.

According to KISR’s Ayoub Taher, conducting dietary fiber analysis using traditional equipment had proven to be far too time consuming and inefficient. "Our technicians had to dedicate much of their time to preparation, incubation, filtration and analysis of samples." KISR needed an automatic solution that would produce accurate and precise results and reduce technician labor, all in an easy-to-operate system.

“When the distributor explained the advantages of automated dietary fiber analysis, we were convinced that ANKOM had the solution we were looking for.” After adding the ANKOM Automated TDF Analyzer to their lab operations, KISR significantly boosted efficiency with a system that occupies less space, is easy to operate, and allows technicians to redirect their time and energy toward other analytic operations.