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Nestle TDF

NESTLE | Dublin, OH

Decreasing ergonomic risks while increasing efficiency

Nestle, Dublin OH
Nestle TDF 2

The Nestle Quality Assurance Center (NQAC) in Dublin, Ohio specializes in food quality and safety testing for food and ingredient manufacturers around the world. With locations in Asia, Europe, and North and South America, Nestle is a renowned global player in the food industry. Within this network, the Dublin, Ohio-based lab is the largest quality assurance center.  

NQAC analyzes total dietary fiber for a large variety of food samples. Using the conventional method for TDF (Total Dietary Fiber) determinations proved highly manual and consumed labor time. “It required a great deal of hands-on time from our analysts, which included scraping with rubber policemen and using squeeze bottles for rinsing during filtration,” Chemistry Supervisor Deborah Boyd explained.  

The Nestle team soon discovered ANKOM Technology's TDF Fiber Analyzer as an automated option to perform the method. They purchased their first two TDF instruments in 2015.  

“The ANKOM units greatly reduced the manual nature of the testing procedure,” Boyd shared. “As a result, we were able to decrease the ergonomic risks while increasing efficiency. Our analysts can now do other tasks while the ANKOM units are taking care of the manual portions of the test. The best part is that our analysts do not have the risk of repetitive motion issues any longer."

-- Chemistry Supervisor Deborah Boyd

Nestle has since added five more TDF Dietary Fiber Analyzers to their fleet, increasing their capacity for testing. The team also credited ANKOM’s commitment to superior customer support.  

According to Boyd, “We deal with many vendors with varying levels of technical and analytical support. I can say that by far, the level of support from the ANKOM staff well surpasses any that I’ve experienced from other companies. Their response time is amazing, and they really look to partner with us to give us exactly the support that we need. They also listen to feedback and adjust their instruments when needed. We truly feel like valued customers. I wish all our vendors offered service like this.”