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Scotland Case Study

University of Glasgow | Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Saving time, increasing accuracy and precision with automated gas production

RF glasgow
Daisy glasgow

Located at the picturesque Cochno Farm and Research Centre as part of the University of Glasgow, the lab team of Prof. Murray, Prof. Hastie, Dr. Farci, Daisy Taylor, and Stefan Yerby specialize in equine and ruminant nutrition. Together, they investigate the effects of feedstuffs, supplements, and processing methods on digestibility and gastrointestinal health via in vivo, in sacco, and in vitro approaches. The ANKOM RF Gas Production system and DAISY II incubator are their preferred instruments for in vitro determinations.  

Leaders Murray and Hastie were aware of ANKOM Technology, its benefit to anaerobic fermentation studies, and its improvement on more traditional manual pressure transducer systems. Before using the ANKOM system, the research team used the manual pressure transducer method of measuring gas production. This highly involved method was laborious and time-consuming. “Especially at the start of the experiment, gas volume and pressure must be measured very frequently, which can mean a few long days and late nights in the lab,” the team shared.

“The automated ANKOM RF Gas Production System allows us to observe the measured cumulative gas pressure in real time at specific intervals without disruption of incubation conditions.”  

--Concho Farm and Research Centre Team

With the ANKOM RF Gas Production System, the team was able to free up precious time and achieve more reliable results. “Additionally, the measured data is automatically transcribed into a usable and easily retrievable format," they continued. “All that is required during the experiment is that the modules and incubators are checked daily, and any batteries changed and recharged as necessary... Our lab and team may be small, but we are able to run in vitro fermentation investigating numerous variables, such as feed type, inoculum type and incubation time through using the ANKOM RF Gas Production System.”  

The University of Glasgow lab also noted the reliable support they receive from their distributor.  

“Another main benefit we have found with ANKOM Technology has been the support available from our UK distributors at Scimax Ltd. who liaises with ANKOM in the USA. We can be sure that we will get a quick response and valuable advice whether it is for a question, repair, or quote.”