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Amylase Porcine Pancreatic 12G 75,000 U/g

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For the AOAC 2017.16/2009.01/2011.25 methods, this enzyme is mixed with AMG when used in the ANKOM TDF Dietary Fiber Analyzer.

Contents: 12 g; ca. 75,000 U/g. From porcine pancreas. Partially purified. Free flowing powder.

Directions for use in TDF instrument: See directions in the ANKOMTDF Dietary Fiber Analyzer Operator’s Manual and the associated AOAC 2017.16/2009.01/2011.25 addendum.

Storage: Store at -20°C

If you were using TDF86, please note that TDF130 has 75,000 units/g, where TDF86 had 100,000 units/g.