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Fat Filter Bags - 200 Count

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Fat Filter Bags have 3 micron porosity. Order XT4 Filter Bags by 200 count package quantity (E.g. 5 = 1,000 filter bags). Volume discounts will be applied when added to the shopping cart. Quantity discounts apply at 1,000 and 5,000 quantities.

XT4 for Fat/Oil: The XT4 filter bags are produced with porosity at the 2-3 micron level. The materials used support the use of most common organic fat solvents (petroleum ether, hexane, ethyl ether). The XT4 filter bag can encapsulate a wide range of sample types for the fat extraction process using the ANKOM XT10 Extractor, ANKOM XT15 Extractor, or the ANKOM HCl Hydrolysis System. Each filter bag supports the demanding expectations of both commercial and private laboratories. ANKOM delivers the highest quality filter bags to support the instruments designed for their use.

Sealing ANKOM Filter Bags: The use of the #HS (Domestic) or #HSi (International) heat sealer provides optimum results by ensuring complete bag closure. The use of a solvent resistant marker (Part #: F08) is also recommended for marking bags.