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Trade-in, Trade-up Program

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What is the Trade-in, Trade-up Program?

We build our instruments for durability and longevity, however, as time goes on
customers want to upgrade to instruments with the latest automation and
improved usability. The ANKOM Trade-in, Trade-up Program allows customers to exchange old ANKOM instruments for a discount on a new instrument purchase of equal or greater value.

What can I trade in?

All ANKOM instruments are eligible for the Trade-in, Trade-up Program excluding the ANKOM FLEX Analyte Extractor and the ANKOM RF Gas Production System.

How do I participate in the Trade-in, Trade-up Program?

Fill out the form below to connect with a sales representative and receive a formal trade in quote.

Contact Sales Form

What happens to my old instrument?

ANKOM ensures all traded-in instruments are properly recycled.




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