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Valve Piston w/Viton® Seat

Part #


The Valve Piston w/Viton® Seat is used inside the solenoid supply valves on the XT10/XT10I, XT15/XT15I, HCl/HClI, DELTA/DELTAI, A2000/A2000I, and TDF/TDFI instruments and to replace a damaged, worn, or corroded component.

DELTA: found in the Vent Valve Assembly (Part #: DELTA13) and Water Valve Assembly.
A2000: found in the Water Valve Assembly (Q6) (Part #: A21) and Vent Valve Assembly (Q7) (Part #: A22).
XT10: found in the Solvent Drain Valve Assembly (Q1, Q2, Q3) (Part #: X62) and Water Valve Assembly (Q5, Q6) (Part #: X63).
XT15: found in the Vent valve Assembly (Q7) (Part #: X61), Solvent Drain Valve Assembly (Q1, Q2, Q3) (Part #: X62), Water Valve Assembly (Q5, Q6) (Part #: X63), and Fill Valve Assembly (Q4) (Part #: X66).
HCl: found in the H4 HCL Water Supply Valve Assembly (Q2) (Part #: H4).
TDF: found in the Supply Valve Assembly (Water, Buffer, EtOH78, EtOH95) (Part #: TDF25).